ANTH 315 Japanese Culture and Society

ANTH 403B Ethnography of Special Areas – Japanese Tea Ceremony

Art History

ARTH 363 Art in Japan: The Problem with Painting

ARTH 368 Art in Japan: Print Media

Arts Studies

ASTU 201 Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies

ASTU 202 Canada, Japan and the Pacific:Political Economic and Geographical Perspectives

Asian Studies

ASIA 101 Introduction to Modern Asia

ASIA 250 Introduction to Buddhism

ASIA 211 Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions

ASIA 254 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Literature and Film

ASIA 314 Premodern Japan

ASIA 315 Japan from Feudal to Modern State

ASIA 326 Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime

ASIA 344A Topics in Japanese Cultural History I: Aristocrats and Warriors

ASIA 346A Topics in Japanese Cultural History II: The Early Modern Age

ASIA 354 Introduction to Japanese Cinema

ASIA 364B Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

ASIA 382 Buddhism in China

ASIA 387 Japanese Religions

ASIA 453 Japanese Travel Literature

ASIA 510B Monastic Biography and Hagiography in East Asian Buddhism

ASIA 532A Topics in Traditional Japanese Literature

ASIA 532B Topics in Traditional Japanese Literature

ASIA 533A Topics in Modern Japanese Literature

ASIA 561B Problems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia

ASIA 570B Approaches to Asian Literature

ASIA 580B Directed Readings

Counselling Psychology

CNPS 594 Cross-Cultural Counselling


HIST 105 The Pacific War in History and Film
HIST 271 Japan and Global History, 1550-1900

HIST 376 Modern Japanese History Since 1800


GEOG 281 Geography of the Pacific Rim

GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South


Language and Literacy Education

LLED 489B Applied Linguistics for Teachers

LLED 602 Critical Analysis of Issues and Methodology in Language and Literacy Education


LAW 338D Japanese Law


PSYC 307 Cultural Psychology

Wood Products Processing

WOOD 461 Globalization and Sustainability