Hope for the Future of Youth in Asia

[Japanese translation below]

With the rise of the ageing population in East Asian countries, many have come to question the role that young generations will come to play in the next few years. It is without doubt that frustrations amongst the youth have increased from the rise in cost of living to policies catered towards the eldery. The Centre for Japanese Research at the University of British Columbia hosted a webinar series focused on sparking conversations amongst the young leaders of tomorrow.


Part I ~Questioning the norms and realities through the power of young voices~

March 15th 5pm PST, March 16th 10am JST

This open discussion set the stage for further discussion by providing an open platform for university students in Asia and Canada to contribute to talks regarding their own personal experiences and opinions on youth participation in politics, youth activism in social justice movements and how education plays into nurturing the youth. University students located in Asia or North America were invited to this open discussion. The video recording can be found here:

Part II ~Problems and solutions to foster a political, economic, and social future for the youth~

March 24th, 6pm PST, March 25th 10am JST

This webinar delved more into the specifics by inviting scholars, young leaders and policy makers to discuss the realities surrounding youth participation in politics and social movements in a panel discussion.


Miyuki Macri (Former Vice Mayor of Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka prefecture)

As a strategy and organizational development consultant, Miyuki has facilitated reinvention of corporations, national/local governments, NPOs, hospitals and universities in Japan. She joined Fukuoka Directive Council, Japan’s most successful Public Private Partnership, which has led Metro Fukuoka’s Global Competitive Strategy including attracting diverse talent to the region. She played an instrumental role to enhance women’s networks in many layers and empowered women leaders, while serving as Executive Director of Fukuoka Prefecture Gender Equality Center, Member of Council for Gender Equality Japanese Cabinet Office and Executive Advisor to the President of Fukuoka Women’s University. She currently resides in New Westminster, BC, Canada.

Akari Anzawa (No Youth No Japan representative)

Born in Japan, Akari moved to New Zealand with his family after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
After moving to New Zealand and attending school there, she became interested in social issues and politics. She joined NO YOUTH NO JAPAN in June 2020 with the vision of “participatory democracy as a culture”.
Currently, she is a member of NO YOUTH NO JAPAN, focusing on planning online events.

Professor Dal Yong Jin (Professor and expert on Korean Youth and Education)

Dal Yong Jin is a Distinguished SFU Professor, and his major research and teaching interests are on transnational cultural studies (Korean Wave), digital platforms and digital games, globalization and media, and the political economy of media and culture. Jin has published numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters, including Korea’s Online Gaming Empire (2010), New Korean Wave: transnational cultural power in the age of social media (2016), and Smartland Korea: mobile communication, culture and society (2017). He is the founding book series editor of Routledge Research in Digital Media and Culture in Asia, and he has been directing The Transnational Culture and Digital Technology Lab since summer 2021.

The video recording can be found here:




第一部 ~若い声の力で疑問を〜









松田 美幸(前福岡県福津市副市長)戦略及び組織変革のコンサルタントとして、日本の企業、行政、NPO、病院、大学などの変革を支援。国内の代表的な公民連携組織である福岡地域戦略推進協議会の立ち上げに関わり、福岡都市圏の国際競争戦略や多様な人材を引き付けるプロジェクトを推進。内閣府男女共同参画会議議員、福岡県男女共同参画センター長、福岡女子大学学長特別補佐などを歴任し、さまざまな層の女性ネットワークの構築並びに女性リーダー支援に貢献。現在は、カナダ・ブリティッシュコロンビア州のニューウェストミンスターに在住。

安澤朱織 (ノーユース・ノージャパン代表)

「参加型デモクラシーをカルチャーに」というNO YOUTH NO JAPANのビジョンに共感し、2020年6月に入会。
現在、NO YOUTH NO JAPANオンラインイベントの企画を中心にメンバーとして活動中。

ダルヨンジン(Simon Fraser University教授・韓国の若者と教育の専門家)

Dal Yong JinはSFUの特別教授で、トランスナショナル文化研究(韓流)、デジタルプラットフォームとデジタルゲーム、グローバリゼーションとメディア、メディアと文化の政治経済に関する教育テーマを元に研究している。『韓国のオンラインゲーム帝国』(2010)、『新韓流:ソーシャルメディア時代のトランスナショナル文化力』(2016)、『スマートランド韓国:モバイルコミュニケーション、文化、社会』(2017)など、数多くの書籍、雑誌記事、本を発表。Routledge Research in Digital Media and Culture in Asiaの創設ブックシリーズエディターであり、2021年夏よりThe Transnational Culture and Digital Technology Labのディレクションを担当。


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