How Politicians Behave Between Hometowns and the Capital of Japan

Date: March 21 2023, 17:30-19:00 PST

Location: C.K Choi Building, Room 120

Please join the Center for Japanese Research in welcoming Ichiro Matsuo, Fulbright Scholar (Journalism) at Harvard University, to UBC on March 21, 17:30 in Room 120 of the Choi Building. Matsuo san is an Asahi Shimbun Journalist who previously worked as the Chief Correspondent for the Ministry of Environment and former Geneva Bureau Chief and non-resident Moscow Correspondent of The Asahi Shimbun. Matsuo san will be sharing some of the insider stories of the LDP, having travelled extensively with Shinjiro Koizumi, alongside explore the climate policies of Japan under the Abe administration. Professor Yves Tiberghien’s paper on Kishida’s Climate Policy and Opportunities for U.S.-Japan Cooperation” ties closely with Matsuo san’s visit to UBC, where Matsuo-san will further expand on the key players in the acceleration of Japan’s climate policies and the insider story.


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