Kitahara Upopoy Lecture



This video lecture (An Introduction to Upopoy, a “Symbolic Space for Ethnic Harmony” 民族共生象徴空間ウポポイの概要) is presented by Dr. Kitahara Jirota mokottunas 北原モコットゥナㇱ (Hokkaido University) as part of our Ainu, Okinawa and Indigeneity series. 

The video will be available on the CJR website until April 15, 2021.

To enable English closed captions, click the [CC] icon on the bottom right of the video.


Dr. Fuyubi Nakamura   Museum of Anthropology
中村冬日  人類学博物館

Dr. Ayaka Yoshimizu   Asian Studies
美水彩加  アジア研究学科

English Subtitler & Interpreter/英語字幕・英訳通訳

Mr. Josh Trichilo  PhD student, York University
ジョシュ・トリキロ  ヨーク大学博士課程