Past Events

The ‘Triple Disaster’ in Japan on March 11, 2011 – Four Years Later

Lunchtime presentations and an evening film screening (poster below) to mark the anniversary.

Canadian Premiere of Minako: Last Geisha of the Yoshiwara

Documentary movie on the last living geisha of the Yoshiwara district. Friday, October 30, 2015 3:30pm – 6pm Asian Centre Auditorium, 1871 West Mall, Vancouver Brief presentations on geisha and Edo culture by director Makoto Yasuhara and Edo specialist Kenji Watanabe, followed by a screening of Minako. Minako: Last Geisha of the Yoshiwara Director Makoto […]

What’s Queer about Postwar Manga?

Lunchtime Lecture Series: Professor Sharalyn Orbaugh (UBC) Wednesday, November 4, 2015 12:30pm – 1:30pm Room 604, Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall, Vancouver Abstract: The usual narrative about queerness in postwar manga locates its origins in a shôjo story drawn by (male manga artist) Tezuka Osamu:Ribon no kishi (Princess Knight, serialized 1953-56). Whether manga historians celebrate the […]

Textual Representations of Sexual Violence in Heian and Kamakura Monogatari and Beyond

Readers and scholars of monogatari—court tales written between the ninth and the early twelfth century (during the Heian and Kamakura periods)—have generally agreed that much of their focus is on amorous encounters. They have, however, rarely addressed the question of whether these encounters are mutually desirable or, on the contrary, uninvited and therefore aggressive. I argue that not only […]

Queer Transfigurations in Postwar Japanese Manga and Anime

March 29 9:00-6:00 @ Asian Centre Auditorium, UBC Guest speakers: Fujimoto Yukari (Meiji University) Mark McLelland (University of Wollongong) Alisa Freedman (University of Oregon) James Welker (Kanagawa University) Andrea Wood (Winona State University) and more Open to all students and local community. Free entry with preregistration. Please register by March 27 at Non-preregistered, non-student guests […]

Geopolitical Transformation in East Asia: Chinese Ambitions and Japan’s Reaction toward an Emergence of a New Regional Order

March 29 4:00-6:00 @ UBC Allard School of Law Room 101 Tosh Minohara (Kobe University) A power shift is currently transforming the regional order of East Asia. As history shows us, this is not the first time that the world has undergone a hegemonic transition. But what can the past tell us about what the future […]

Do Virtual Earthquakes Still Shake Us to the Core? Simulating Survival in Japan’s Disaster Report Video Game

Ben Whaley (Ph.D. student, Asian Studies) February 9th 12:30-1:30 @ Asian Centre Room 604 This talk asks the question of whether a video game might help us better understand the trauma of another through an analysis of the PlayStation 2 game Zettaizetsumei Toshi (2002, Disaster Report, 2003). In the game, players must use limited resources to escape from an […]

How Treaties are Approved and Concluded in Japan: From Negotiation to Execution

March 24th 3:30-5:00 @ UBC Institute of Asian Research Room 120 Akira Uchida (Deputy Consul General) There are various names that describe international agreements. What are they and how are they negotiated? Each country has its own practice and style in negotiating international agreements. How treaties are negotiated in Japan will be the focus in the […]

Can the Subaltern Bark? Dogs, Japan, and the Making of the Modern Imperial World

Aaron Skabelund (Brigham Young University) February 26th 12:30-2:00 @ Buchanan Tower 1197 This presentation uses Spivak’s famous query to explore human-animal relations in three ways.  First, from an epistemological perspective, it considers why researchers in the social sciences and the humanities have directed their attention almost entirely to human affairs, relegating the study of the non-human world […]