The Maiden at Dojoji Temple: Performance Interpretations

On October 22 the Department of Asian Studies co-hosted a lecture and demonstration by professional kabuki actor Gankyo Nakamura. Gankyo was born in Southern California but trained in Japan with actors Sakata Tojuro IV and the late Band? Mitsugoro X.

Kabuki Performance

He introduced the audience to two interpretations of the Maiden at Dojoji Temple (Musume Dojoji) through a scholarly presentation, a brief demonstration, and a riveting dance performance showcasing the highlights of the play. Colleen Lanki (Artistic and Managing Director, TomoeArts) and Joshua Mostow (Asian Studies) offered brief commentary on Musume Dojoji and the art of kabuki in early modern culture. The event was co-sponsored with the Centre for Japanese Research, the Department of Theatre and Film, and TomoeArts.