Beyond the Disciplinary Narratives of the Colonial Settler State and Empire: New Critical Directions and Methodologies

Date: February 7 18:00 PST

Location: Simon Fraser University, Harbour Center, HC 2770 (Downtown Vancouver)

Institute of Asian Research and Center for Japanese Research Fellow, Nicole Yakashiro, will be presenting her insights in a roundtable event on February 7 which explores the disciplinary narratives of the colonial settler state and empire. The event is free and all are welcome to attend.

Description of the Roundtable

For critical scholars whose communities have been constituted through the discourses of Empire and settler colonialism, the production of knowledge has always been a site of power and struggle. One of the challenges these scholars face is how many of their disciplines’ methodological approaches reinforce heteronormative, racist ethno-national, colonial and imperial discourses and agendas. This roundtable focuses on how the panellists have explored and developed ways to critique and track power; generate new practices, narratives and understandings of our worlds in order to imagine and enact more ethical and accountable (as well as playful, joyous and life-giving) ways of being in our diverse relations to not only whomever is constituted as “community” but also other peoples and the lands and waters that sustain human and non-human life across the borders colonialism and Empire. In this context they will also discuss their efforts to generate multiple circuits and circulations across borders at different levels, including bodily, communal, and national, which entails self-reflexity, care, respect and criticality. For more information, contact