Pacific Island Knowledge Keepers Make Unprecedented Journey to Vancouver to Stand on the World Stage

The University of British Columbia’s Office of the Vice-Provost International recently published an article which highlighted the “How Ancestral Voyaging Mobilizes Knowledge of Biodiversity & Climate Change” event hosted by the Konwakai Chair in Japanese Research on February 2nd. The article includes an introduction to the ancestral voyaging leaders, how the initiative started, a summary of the event, the hopes for policy changes by Western Pacific Island sea voyagers and what the future holds for UBC, the Pacific Island knowledge keepers and the world beyond.

The CJR and the Konwakai Chair would like to extend gratitude for Professor Yves Tiberghien for his tireless efforts in coordinating the event and the various other departments that helped to create an event that bridges the stories of the Pacific ocean to the world at large.

Please read the article HERE.