Graduate Students

Last Updated: June 2020

Rosalie Gunawan
Department of Anthropology
           Rosalie has recently been accepted for the Inter-University Centre (IUC) Program in intensive Japanese language study, which due to the Covid-19 pandemic will begin in September online and will hopefully shift to its regular location in Yokohama, Japan.  She is working on community renewal in Shikoku, Japan.

Jinsung Kim 
Department of Asian Studies
International relations between Korea and Japan in the late 19th century (particularly military exchange)
           Jinsung recently completed the intensive Japanese language program at Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) in 2020. 

Evan Koike
Department of Anthropology
           Evan is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis on arising conceptions of Japanese men’s potential roles as fathers and partners. He received the Salisbury Prize (awarded by the national Canadian Anthropology Society) for his work. This is a major and highly competitive prize for Ph.D. students across Canada. He has also more recently received a medal from the America-Japan Society. In 2019 he received the prize for best paper presented by a graduate student at the annual JSAC, Japan Studies Association of Canada, conference.

Jaylene Laturnas
Department of Asian Studies

Basant Ahmed Sayed
Department of Anthropology
Japan and Egypt connections via Japanese popular culture
         Basant participated and competed with Dr. Creighton at Egycon 6 in Cairo, Egypt in 2019.

Kyrie Vermette
Department of Asian Studies
Interactions between Korean women and foreign women living in Korea (predominately Japanese settler women and North American missionary women) from 1884-1945.
           Vermette, Kyrie. “Homogenized, Criticized, Idealized: Descriptions of Japanese Women in the Travel Writings of 19th Century British Women.” Kanagawa University Research Center for Nonwritten Cultural Materials Report Book, 2019.

Yue Wang
Department of Asian Studies
Dystopia, Gender Studies, Contemporary Japanese Literature and Popular Culture