Last Updated on November 5, 2020.

Ignacio Adriasola
Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory
History of Art in Modern Japan

David Anderson
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Museum Learning and Visitor Experience, Japanese World Expositions, Asia-Pacific Museum and Educational Reforms

  • Anderson, D., (2018). The role of the museums as sites for learning how to teach and change educational practices. In M. Yuasa (Ed.) Museum Informatics, Vol. 5; Museum and Communication, Chap. 2, (pp. 93-124). Tokyo: Jusonbo.
    D.アンダーソン(2018)「教育実践と学習方法を教え、変えるための場所としての博物館の役割」第2章水島栄治ほか ミュージアムコミュニケーションと教育活動博物館情報学シリーズ5巻樹村房。博物館情報学シリーズ5巻樹村房。
  • Shimizu, S., & Anderson, D., (2020). Long-term memories on visitors of world expositions: A brief review on the studies of memories of the world expositions in Montreal, Osaka, Vancouver, Brisbane, and Aichi, In Mayuko Sano (Ed.) Expology. Shibunkaku Shuppan Co. Ltd: Kyoto.清水寛之、とアンダーソン、D.(2020)。「万国博覧会に関する来場経験者の長期記憶-モントリオール、大阪、バンクーバー、ブリスベン、および愛知の万博を題材に」、in佐野真由子(編)、 『万博学』。 思文閣:京都市。
  • Anderson, D., & Yamashita. S., (2020). My identity in the garden - Self reflections of expatriates' garden visits. Journal of Museum Education, 45 (2), pp TBA. Accepted 17th Feb, 2020.

Stefania Burk
Associate Graduate Advisor in Asian Studies
Associate Dean, Academic & Senior Instructor

Arts One and Department of Asian Studies
Pre-modern Literature, Poetry and Salon Culture, and Women’s Writing

Joseph Caron
Distinguished Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Honorary Professor and Research Associate
Institute of Asian Research

Jennifer Chan
Department of Educational Studies
Gender, Education, Citizenship, Multiculturalism, Human Rights, Transnational Social Movements, and Globalization

Rebecca Chau
Japanese Language Program Director
Department of Asian Studies
Japanese Linguistics and  Language Pedagogy

Jinhua Chen
Department of Asian Studies
East Asian Buddhism

David Cohen
Professor Emeritus
Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry
Globalization, Markets and Housing of Japan and China

Millie Creighton
Department of Anthropology
Consumerism, Popular Culture, Identity, Gender, Work/Leisure, and Minorities

  • Dr. Creighton now teaches a course on The Japanese Tea Ceremony, which is created and initiated as the first of its kind university credit course in Canada which includes both typical university style classroom lectures/discussions, with the actual practice of embedded learning of Chado or the Japanese 'Way of Tea' within the Japanese tea house in Nitobe Memorial Garden on the UBC campus.

    Photo of one of the final tea session groups also attended by some guests such as UBC Ambassador Wendy Yip (wife of Pres. Ono).

    You can read more here: https://anth.ubc.ca/2016/06/01/students-learn-about-the-japanese-tea-ceremony/

Julian Dierkes
Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research
Institute of Asian Research
Co-ordinator, Program on Inner Asia
Education policy, education system, Supplementary Education (学習塾)

W. Erwin Diewert
Department of Economics
Measuring Productivity of the Economies of Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Measurement of House Prices in Tokyo

David Edgington
Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography
Geography of Japan and the Pacific Rim

Shirin Eshghi
Head, Asian Library
Japanese Erotic Fiction, Women’s Erotica

Mari Fujita
Associate Professor and Chair, Environmental Design
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Spatial and Cultural Effects of Globalism, Urbanism

Benjamin J. Goold
Peter A. Allard School of Law
Criminology, Human Rights, Privacy, Surveillance, and Security

Steven Heine
Department of Psychology
Cultural Psychology, the Self, Motivations, Meaning, Essentialistic Thinking

Nam-Lin Hur
Department of Asian Studies
History of Japan and Religious Culture

Current research: Japan’s invasion of Korea in 1592-1598

  • “Buddhist Culture in Early Modern Japan,” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, December 2019).
  • “Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Invasion of the Chosŏn Kingdom, 1592-1598” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (Oxford University Press, February 2020).

Ishu Ishiyama
Co-director, UBC Globe in Peace Project (Morita-Rwanda Project)
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Multicultural Counselling and Healing Practices, Anti-racism and Multiculturalism, Japanese Morita Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Multidimensional Self-identity, Positive Psychology

Brian Job
Department of Political Science
International Security, Arms Competition in Asia

Ross King
Department of Asian Studies
The history of ‘national language studies’ in Japan and Korea
Language and colonialism in imperial Japan
History of reading and glossing in Korea and Japan
History of Korean Studies in Japan

Tomoko Kitayama Yen
Japanese Language Librarian
Asian Library
Twitter: @TomokoKitayama

Ryuko Kubota
Department of Language and Literacy Education
Culture and Race and Second Language Education, Language Ideologies, Critical Pedagogies

  • Kubota, R. (2018). Eigo kyōiku gensō [Misconceptions of English language teaching and learning]. Tokyo: Chikuma Shinsho.
  • Kubota, R. (2019). Komyunikēshon ryoku o sodateru eigo kyōiku: Kuritikaru na shiten kara [English language teaching that fosters communicative ability: From critical perspectives]. In Y. Ayabe (Ed.), Shōgakkō eigo kyôiku e no seimon tiki apurōchi: Kotoba no sekai o hiraku [Professional approaches to teaching English in elementary schools: Opening doors to the world of language] (pp. 283-298). Yokohama: Shumpusha.
  • Kubota, R. (2019). Nihon ni okeru gaikoku ni rūtsu o motsu kodomo no tame no keishōgo kyōiku to gengo seisaku [Heritage language education and language policies in Japan for children with overseas roots]. In K. Kondo-Brown, M. Sakamoto, & T. Nishikawa (Eds.), Oya to ko o tsunagu keishōgo kyōiku: Nihon/gaikoku ni rūtsu o motsu kodomo [Heritage language education connecting generations: From the Japanese perspective] (pp. 268-282). Tokyo: Kuroshio Shuppan.
  • Kubota, R. (2019). English in Japan. In P. Heinrich & Y. Ohara (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of Japanese sociolinguistics (pp. 110-126). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
  • Kubota, R. (2019). Gengo kyōiku seisaku ni okeru komyunikēshon o kangaeru [Rethinking "communication" in language-in-education policies]. In S. Sato (Ed.), Komyunikēshon to wa nani ka: Posuto komyunikatibu apurōchi [What is "communication": Post-communicative approaches] (pp. 76-98). Tokyo: Kuroshio Shuppan.

Christina Laffin
Canada Research Chair in Premodern Japanese Literature and Culture
Department of Asian Studies
Classical Japanese Literature and Culture

Colleen Laird
Department of Asian Studies
Japanese visual media and gender studies
Gendered image production, gendered reception, and women in the industry
Video games, new media, streaming media, animation (anime), and comics (manga)
Film theory, genre theory, transnational cinemas and star texts, and feminist and queer theory

Frank Lam
Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry
Timber Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Darrin R. Lehman
Department of Psychology
Cultural Psychology, Self-Criticism among Japanese, Health Psychology

Hyung Gu Lynn
AECL/KEPCO Chair in Korean Research
Institute of Asian Research
Modern Japanese and Korean History

Jessica Main
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chair in Buddhism and Contemporary Society
Institute of Asian Research
Department of Asian Studies
Buddhist Ethics, Human Rights, Modern Buddhist Institutions and Governance, Japanese True Pure Land Buddhism (Jōdo Shinshū)

Shigenori Matsui
Director, Japanese Legal Studies
Acting Director, Korean Legal Studies
Peter A. Allard School of Law
Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Mass Media Law, Freedom of Information Law, and Internet Law

Joshua S. Mostow
Department of Asian Studies
Pre-modern Literature and Art

Fuyubi Nakamura
Department of Asian Studies
Museum of Anthropology (MOA)
Anthropology of Art, Museum Studies, Material and Visual Cultures, Japanese Calligraphy


Masao Nakamura
Professor Emeritus, Sauder School of Business
Distinguished Guest Professor, Graduate School of Business and Commerce, Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)
International Business, Technology Management and Transfer, Japanese and Asian Economies
Personal Website

  • Nakamura, Masao. "An economic assessment of present and future electronic-waste streams: Japan's experience," (with H. Hayami), in A. Khan, Inamuddin and A. M. Asiri (eds.), E-waste Recycling and Management: Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World 33, Springer, 2020, 39-62. (PDF)
  • Nakamura, Masao. "Why Japan's new immigration law could cause public backlash," The Globe Post, January 25, 2019. (PDF)
  • Nakamura, Masao. "Japan's ultimately unaccursed natural resources-financed industrialization," with (R. Morck), Journal of The Japanese and International Economies 47, 2018, 32-54. (PDF)

Peter Nosco
Department of Asian Studies
Intellectual and social history of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Japan

Sharalyn Orbaugh
Department of Asian Studies
Associate, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Modern Japanese Literature and Popular Culture

Marc-David Seidel
RBC Financial Group Professor of Entrepreneurship,
Associate Professor, OBHR Division, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group
Sauder School of Business
Director, W. Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research
Discrimination and Networks in the Employment Relationship, Social Networks and Organizational Decision Making, Community Form (C-Form) of Organization, Distributed trust technologies (such as blockchain)
Twitter: @marcdavidseidel

  • Inaugural EGOS and Organization Studies Kyoto Workshop (December 2019)
    • Organized by EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) and its journal Organization
      Studies in Kyoto, Japan
    • Co-sponsored by EGOS, Copenhagen
      Business School Entrepreneurship Platform, Kyoto University Faculty of
      Economics, and the W. Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship & Venture
      Capital Research at the University of British Columbia
    • Partnerships
      include the Academic Association for Organization Science (Japan), the
      Academy of Management Organization and Management Theory Division, Kyoto
      University Graduate School of Management, and Kyoto University Design
    • Full details of the workshop are here:  http://egos-kyoto.org/
    • Dr. Seidel served on the Scientific Committee of the workshop, as
      well as a mentor in the Doctoral Consortia paper development workshop held
      prior to the primary workshop in Kyoto.

Yves Tiberghien
Department of Political Science
Comparative Political Economy and International Political Economy with an Empirical Focus on China, Japan, and Korea

  • 2020 (forthcoming) Tiberghien, Yves. "The Battle over GMOs in Korea and Japan" in Esarey, Ashley, Mary Alice Haddad, Stevan Harrell, and Joanna Lewis Ed. Eco-Developmentalism in East Asia. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
PRESENTATIONS (relevant to Japan)
  • 2019 "Japan's New Leadership in Liberal Economic Governance." Presentation at the National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan, July 13.
  • 2019 "Ordre Commerical Mondial en danger: retour du mercantilisme?" Presentation at the Forum Saint-Laurent, Quebece City. May 4.
  • 2019 "The Global Geopolitical Transition to a new Multi-Polar Order and Its Implications for the Multilateral Trading System." Presentation at the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. April 17.
  • Chair of Vision 20 Think Tank Coalition and co-organizer of several events and conferences (Brookings V20 summit, April 2019) and V20 Panel on the Future of Politics at the Global T20 Think Tank Meeting in Tokyo, December 2019 (with 4 UBC students each).
  • Co-organizer, China-West Dialogue at Boston University. March 20, 2020.
    Outputs and documents: http://www.bu.edu/gdp/cwd/
  • Chair and Organizer of Conference on Japan's Leadership in the Liberal International Order. Centre for Japanese Research. UBC. January 23-25, 2020 with 20 international scholars and the Japanese Ambassador to Canada. https://cjr.iar.ubc.ca/ilo-workshop/

Ilan Vertinsky
Vinod Sood Professor in International Business
Institute of Asian Research
Sauder School of Business
Japanese and Korean Business Systems, Technology Management of the Forest Sector

George Wagner
Faculty of Applied Science
School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture
Architecture, Urbanism, Built Culture, Japanese Architecture and Urbanism, Architectural Theory

Christina Yi
Department of Asian Studies
Modern Japanese Literature, Postcoloniality, Language Politics, Genre, and Cultural Studies