For Students

The Centre for Japanese Research offers events and opportunities for undergraduates. Please join our mailing list and watch our website for updates.

Kakehashi Program

Designed to promote connections between Japan and Canada, this initiative enables selected undergraduates and graduate students to spend one week together in Japan on a set study program.

Research grants

Grants are available for graduate students to conduct research projects related to Japan.


Here is a sampling of the courses currently on offer by our affiliated researchers.

ANTH 315 Japanese Culture and Society (Creighton)

ANTH 403B Ethnography of Special Areas – Japanese Tea Ceremony (Creighton)

ARTH 368 Art in Japan: Print Media (Adriasola)

ASIA 101 001 (Lecture)Introduction to Modern Asia (Nosco)

ASIA 102 Japan from Feudal to Modern State (Nosco)

ASIA 250 Introduction to Buddhism (Main)

ASIA 211 Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions (Main)

ASIA 326 Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime (Orbaugh)

ASIA 346A Topics in Japanese Cultural History II: The Early Modern Age (Mostow)

ASIA 364B Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (Whaley)

ASIA 382 Buddhism in China (Chen)

ASIA 464 Japanese Travel Literature (Laffin)

ASIA 510B Monastic Biography and Hagiography in East Asian Buddhism (Chen)

ASIA 532B Topics in Traditional Japanese Literature  (Mostow)

ASIA 561B Problems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia (Mostow)

ASIA 570B Approaches to Asian Literature (Orbaugh)

ASIA 580B Directed Readings (Mostow)

ASIA 580B Directed Readings (Orbaugh)

ASTU 201 Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies (Lehman)

CNPS 594 Cross-Cultural Counselling (Ishiyama)

GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South (Edgington)

LAW 221 Criminal Law and Procedure (Diewert)

LAW 338D Japanese Law (Matsui)

LAW 343C Topics in Public Law (Matsui)

LLED 489B Applied Linguistics for Teachers (Kubota)

LLED 602 Critical Analysis of Issues and Methodology in Language and Literacy Education (Kubota)

PSYC 307 Cultural Psychology (Heine)

WOOD 461 Globalization and Sustainability (Cohen)


The Centre for Japanese Research welcomes volunteers! For more information, please contact CJR Coordinator Natasha Fox at

Student groups

UBC Anime Club

UBC Asia Pacific Law Club

UBC Asian Studies Interest Association

UBC Japan Career Network

UBC Japan Association

UBC Kendo Club

UBC Origami Club


We offer Work-Learn posts from September to April. Those interested should contact the current co-directors.


UBC Co-op offers placements related to Japan.