Overcoming Online Challenges in Hosting Events and Planning Projects

Overcoming Online Challenges in Hosting Events and Planning Projects

Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Time: 5-6:30 pm (Pacific Time)
Panelists: Bianca Chui and Miaoling Xue
Host and Moderator: Christina Laffin

Registration: https://ubc.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Iqce2trD4uGNZHnekjN8oXlBVfixzqIBO-


This session features two approaches to project management and event hosting in online environments. The sudden transition to online teaching, learning, and collaboration during the pandemic has left many of us facing challenges in balancing needs, handling logistics, and interacting with multiple platforms while building research communities. These challenges are likely to continue whether we shift into hybrid forms of teaching and learning or are able to integrate more face-to-face interactions.

Speaking from their experiences as undergraduate and graduate students working on public humanities initiatives, Bianca and Miaoling will present some tools and approaches based on organizing online events and producing a video-based educational project.

Bianca will discuss the logistics behind hosting large-scale events in Zoom webinar mode, drawing from her experience of coordinating over a dozen online events, including book talks, lectures, workshops, and roundtables with the UBC Centre of Japanese Research. She will offer a toolkit for what you need to know to carry out events effectively so that webinar procedures and practices are clear, easy, and inclusive.

Miaoling will discuss how she produced a video project, “Exploring Premodern Japan,” aimed at showcasing research on premodern Japan and making it accessible, edifying, and compelling for scholars and non-academics. She will focus on how to ensure collaboration and teamwork through workflow, time management, finances, design principles, and copyright and promotional strategies.

Following the presentations, Christina Laffin will facilitate a discussion. Please join us and bring your questions!


Bianca Chui is an incoming MA student in the Department of Asian Studies at UBC. She recently completed her honours thesis on the intersection between print culture and food culture by examining sugoroku (a type of Japanese board game) in Edo Japan. As the event coordinator at the Centre for Japanese Research (CJR), she organized over a dozen events of different nature in the 2020-21 academic year. 

Miaoling Xue is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Asian Studies at UBC. Her research investigates Japanese women’s/gender history and women in literary narratives, especially in the years between 670 and 1600. Her research project focuses on the Saiō (princess-priestesses) institution in which the court chose imperial princesses and dispatched them to the Ise Shrine or the Kamo Shrines. She is the manager for the “Exploring Premodern Japan” educational video project.