PAST CJR Lunchtime Lecture Series Selected

Kaori Yoshida, “Women, Abjected: the role of women in constructing Japanese national war narratives”

Dai Kojima, “Migrant intimacies: Mediated publics and the practices of (un)belonging in queer Asian diasporas”

David Earhart, “Transnational Dimensions of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, 1942-1945”

Jessica Main, “The ‘Admonishers’ (kyōkaishi): Buddhist Prison Chaplains in Modern Japan”

Sharalyn Orbaugh, “Japanese Women as Creators and Targets of Propaganda: Kamishibai in the Fifteen Year War”

Brian Pendleton: The Art of Setting Stones: Contemporary Reflections on reading the late Heian era text Sakuteiki (Records of Garden Making)”

David Edgington (Geography, UBC), “Strangers in a strange land: Japanese tourists in Canada, 1960-2010”

Akira Yamasaki (Chûô University) “National Land Strategy under Decreasing Population in Japan (人口減少下の日本の国土計画)”

Ryuko Kubota (Education, UBC), “Communication in the workplace: A case of Japanese expatriates in China”

Eiji Okawa (Asian Studies, UBC), “Exclusion of women at the Buddhist monastery of Koyasan in the Edo period.”

Lyle de Souza (Birkbeck College, Univ of London), “25 Years After Redress: Negotiating Cultural Identity in Canadian Nikkei Cultural Productions”

Otilia Milutin (Asian Studies, UBC), “Textual Representations of Sexual Violence in Heian and Kamakura Monogatari”

Hanae Tsukada (Education, UBC), “The construction of Chinese international students’ identities in the internationalization of Japanese university education”